Nothing Fancy... Just Good Stuff!

A childhood memory. Your favorite holiday. Perhaps just a seasonal afternoon. Prepare yourself, because that first bite will take you back to a special place and time.

Our classic cookies and pies are made from scratch, using only the finest locally sourced ingredients available. We thrive on the quality, simplicity and convenience of our product, available to the community whenever celebrations or cravings come along!

  • Our Mission

    To conveniently provide classic, high-quality baked goods

  • Our Promise To You

    To source only the finest, seasonal ingredients

  • Our Goal

    To become your go-to local bake shop for every day cravings and celebrations

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How We Got Here

Every buttery crumb that drops from the mouth of someone biting into one of our sweet treats is what fuels the fire to bake another batch.

What started off as a cottage food home operation in November 2021, after several food service sales and operations roles that were never quite rewarding enough, has now grown to a pop-up commercial kitchen and retail space. It's the 2.0 version, bringing us one step closer to that stand alone brick and mortar. So come along with me on this journey, as we discover together all the sweetness that life has to offer!